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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be to start driving lessons ?

You’ll need to be 17, unless you are in receipt of the enhanced rate of the mobility part of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), when you can begin lessons at 16.

What is the cost of driving lessons ?

For our current prices please look at the prices page of the website. Please be aware that prices change over time.

How many lessons will I need ?

Everyone is different, but there is no minimum number of lessons you must take.  This will vary according to your rate of learning.  Driving is a life skill, and for most of us, the most dangerous thing we will do, so it is important to invest time to develop safe skills now, to take you through your driving lifetime as safely as possible. (Research suggests the average learner requires 56 hours of lessons plus an equal amount of private practice.)

Do you offer an ‘intensive course’ ?

No, One & All doesn’t offer intensive courses. Our mission is to create safe drivers with the skills and confidence required for a lifetime of safe driving, instead of rushing through lessons with potentially superficial learning of essential skills.

Who can supervise a learner driver ?

You can supervise a learner if you’re over 21 and have held your licence for over 3 years.

As the qualified driver, you’re deemed to be the person in control of the vehicle. So, whilst supervising a learner driver, you are legally responsible, as you are when driving the car.

A few words of advice:

It’s illegal for you to use a mobile phone or be under the influence of alcohol while supervising.

Never assume the learner driver knows what they’re doing.

Always give instructions and advice in plenty of time.

Plan a suitable route for the learners abilities, enabling them to practice the areas covered in the previous lesson.

Avoid motorways.