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Theory Test

To be a good, safe driver requires both good car control skills as well as knowledge and understanding of good driving practices.  The 2 parts of the theory test are designed to help you read the road ahead, anticipate dangers early and create a safe, legal drive.

You must pass the theory test before you are able to book the practical test.

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The Test

To book
  • Phone  0300 200 1122
  • Online (do not use other sites, they charge extra)
  • Cost = £23
What to take

You must take your provisional licence.  It is a good idea to have your booking confirmation email to hand in case of a booking error. 

You will be offered use of a locker as you are unable to take anything into the exam room with you. 

The test

It is made up of 2 parts, 50 multiple choice questions and 14 hazard perception videos. Both parts must be passed at the same time. 

Your result is given to you on completion of the test.  Your theory certificate is printed on the back of the pass result letter, look after it as you will need to take it to your practical test.  The theory certificate is valid for 2 years.

Multiple chioce

The pass mark is 43/50.

You will need a thorough understanding of The Highway Code in order to pass the test.  You can buy it in good bookshops or online, costing £2.50.  Alternatively you can download a copy – link to The  Highway Code (don’t print this out, it’s 250 pages!) 

This part of the test will include a video case study that you are asked questions about.  You can replay the video as many times as you wish. 

You are given 57 mins which is more than enough time, so don’t rush through, read the questions and answers carefully to avoid silly slips. 

Anything you are unsure of, flag it and you can return to that at the end to have another think about it.

Hazard perception

The pass mark is 44/75. 

There will be 14, 30 second, clips and 15 developing hazards for you to identify.  Each clip will contain 1 developing hazard and 1 clip will contain 2.  A developing hazard being something requiring the driver to react and change speed or position to maintain safety. 

There are 5 points available for each hazard.  The earlier you identify the hazard the higher you score. 

You can click many times during the clip as you see potential hazards (something where the driver may need to change speed/position), yet constant clicking will be recognised as cheating and score you “0”

Driving Test Success

Here at One & All school of motoring you will be provided with FREE ACCESS TO DRIVING TEST SUCCESS to help you prepare for your theory test.  This provides you with the ability to test your knowledge of the Highway Code, identify areas of strength and weakness for further focused study, practice the hazard perception and take full mock tests.  All this will be supervised and supported by your trainer.  It even guides you as to when you are ready to take the test.  It is proven that those who use Theory Test Pro are twice as likely to pass the test than those that don’t.

Taking your test?

Here at One & All you will be supported in achieving the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to gain your full driving license, and your freedom!


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