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New variants – OMICRON

New variants – OMICRON

We faced the new Delta variant some time back, but now it’s mutated again, considered to be a faster spreading mutation, though perhaps less serious outcomes, or is that because of the vaccination programmes in England? What does this mean? National restrictions have...

DVSA Test procedures during COVID

DVSA Test procedures during COVID

THE PRACTICAL TEST You must take: your UK driving licenceyour theory test pass certificate, if you have ita face covering, unless you have a good reason not to wear onea car - most people use their driving instructor’s, but you can use your own car if it...

19th July 2021 COVID UPDATE – Stage 4 of the road map

Driving lessons in a Covid-safe environment

It is worrying, challenging and time-consuming. The big question, “Is it worth it?”  100% YES Tuition resumed on 4th July, in its new, revised manner.  Motivation was high, care and consideration was high, progress rates were high. The challenges didn’t...

Taking your test?

Here at One & All you will be supported in achieving the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to gain your full driving license, and your freedom!


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