19th July 2021 COVID UPDATE – Stage 4 of the road map

by | Dec 12, 2021

What does it mean for One & All school of Motoring?

The simple answer is “no change”. Government are simply handing over the responsibility of controlling the spread of the virus to us as individuals.

It is our judgement that, while we can’t wait for these measures to no longer be necessary, that time has not yet come.

I appreciate that the laws regarding the wearing of masks, social distancing etc in the UK are changing over the coming weeks, but here at One & All I have decided that the scientists advice will be followed, so nothing will change. The procedures put in place when we came out of the very first lockdown have served us well, so if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!  This is for the benefit of those who are not yet fully vaccinated, and who have people in their personal lives who are especially vulnerable to a virus such as this one.

Here’s a little reminder of the procedures in place that we will continue to follow:

Risk assessment forms will be completed and emailed 24 hours before your booked lesson.

Phone call confirmation of fitness 30 mins before lesson

Car interior cleaned down immediately before and after lesson. The client seat will be covered with a disposable cover.  The windows will be part opened at all times.

Temperatures tested and sanitiser used immediately before entering vehicle

Gloves and masks warn at all times within the vehicle

All training aids, notes, bookings and payments carried out digitally.

Rapid lateral flow tests carried out twice weekly by instructor. Same requested of client.

Any potential or actual COVID symptoms experienced by instructor or pupil should be reported to each other ASAP to minimise spread to others.

Late cancellation fee waved if due to potential or actual COVID risk.

All these measures are in place to make sure that you and I are as safe as possible and to give you the best opportunity to learn and develop your driving skills.

It is imperative that we are all open and honest about our health, it will only take one person to take a risk to potentially bring training to a stop for everyone with the track and trace system. 

Thank you to each and every one of my clients for your care and diligence to date, let’s continue to keep each other safe, the driving school running and most importantly you reaching your goal of gaining your driving licence.

For all those still waiting to start tuition, thank you so much for your patience. I will be with you as soon as possible.

Lets keep working together to keep each other safe.