New variants – OMICRON

by | Dec 12, 2021

We faced the new Delta variant some time back, but now it’s mutated again, considered to be a faster spreading mutation, though perhaps less serious outcomes, or is that because of the vaccination programmes in England?

What does this mean?

National restrictions have been brought in, face coverings in shops and on public transport, but not in hospitality. 

I see many places where face coverings are not mandatory asking for them to be worn.

Personally I don’t need to be asked, it’s just logical to wear it when in close proximity to others.

As for One and All school of motoring, we never relaxed our covid safe working procedures, so nothing changes.  Every lesson is risk assessed, PPE is used, car and hands sanitised before and after every client.

The result of this care – covid clear so far. Thank you to each and every client, I could not have created and maintained this safe environment alone. Thanks to your care and consideration we have done this together, and long may it continue.