Driving lessons in a Covid-safe environment

by | Dec 12, 2021

It is worrying, challenging and time-consuming. The big question, “Is it worth it?”  100% YES

Tuition resumed on 4th July, in its new, revised manner.  Motivation was high, care and consideration was high, progress rates were high.

The challenges didn’t stop there.  Booking tests was and still is a huge issue with an immense backlog.  When the DVSA booking system reopened, many early mornings sat at the computer ready to book as soon as the system opened before it crashed!

Then the rewards. Happy clients with their full licence.  A huge congratulations to them.

But not so easy for all.  There are those who had to leave for university mid training and those that are now on long waiting lists because I am fully booked.

Now we have the 2nd lockdown.  Systems are in place, however, waiting and rescheduling begins again.

It’s fair to say it’s difficult, but being open-minded, prepared to adapt and willing to work harder will get us through.  Stay positive and safe everyone.